Activator Technique

Treatment with a chiropractor in Bradenton, FL can help you from soft tissue injuries, whiplash, headaches, or lower back pain after an auto accident. At Bensa Chiropractic and Wellness in Bradenton, FL, Dr. Nicole Santana Rodriguez and Dr. Jose Benejan Lorenzo both see patients for treatment after an auto accident, sports injury, pain during pregnancy, or for chronic pain issues. Even when you are seeing other providers for your condition, you can work with a chiropractor to address your healing needs. Through activator treatments, spinal adjustments, and soft tissue mobilization, a chiropractor will be a useful member of your treatment team for pain or stiffness after an accident.

What to Expect During Your First Chiropractic Appointment

Your initial consultation with Dr. Rodriguez or Dr. Benejan will include going through your symptoms in order to uncover the root cause of what is happening with your body. If you have a history of similar symptoms, you will discuss this relevant medical history. You will go through a series of tests to check your strength and range of motion, and will be asked about your pain levels. You will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment goals, and you might start treatment after your evaluation. A treatment plan is created to address your specific needs, and this can start immediately after the assessment is done.

Your Chiropractic Care in Bradenton, FL

The care you receive may include activator treatments to adjust your spine gently. Activator treatments involve a handheld device to ease your spine back into place. Activator treatments are more gentle than those done by hand, as they do not involve manipulation of your body in order to adjust your spine. Your chiropractor may use an activator when your muscles and ligaments are tight, or if you are pregnant and specific spinal adjustments can't be used. Treatment may also involve stretching, soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound, and massage to ease strain on your muscles and help reduce inflammation. Chiropractic care looks to uncover the root cause of your pain, and treat the cause to prevent further symptoms from occurring. 

Call for Chiropractic Care Now

If you are seeking pain relief for whiplash, neck pain, lower back pain, or shoulder pain from an auto accident, or you need treatment during pregnancy for discomfort, it's time to see how activator treatments with a chiropractor can help. Contact Bensa Chiropractic and Wellness in Bradenton, FL by calling 941-405-4088. Get started with the chiropractic care you deserve to heal from pain.


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