Cupping Therapy

Experience the merits of cupping therapy in Bradenton, FL, by scheduling a treatment session with Dr. Nicole Santana Rodriguez and Dr. José Beneján Lorenzo of Bensa Chiropractic and Wellness.

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Treatment options for chronic pain, muscle tightness, and arthritis can be remarkably varied. You don’t have to settle for taking medication. One notable alternative to conventional medicine we want to highlight in this article is cupping therapy.

Cupping therapy involves a medical professional placing cups over different parts of your body to generate suction. The suction created by the cup is meant to raise your skin and gather fluid. As the fluid pools, the blood vessels in the covered area will expand.

The chiropractor generates suction and draws blood to improve circulation in the areas being treated. All that stimulation should draw fresh, oxygenated blood. You want oxygenated blood flowing through the treated areas so it can repair injured muscles and tissues.

Cupping can help address various health issues. As we hinted at earlier, you can request this therapy if you’re struggling with chronic pain, muscle tightness, and arthritis. It can also help you manage headaches, high blood pressure, and stress.

The benefits of cupping therapy are too significant to ignore. They are well worth experiencing for yourself.

Approach Dr. Santana and Dr. Benejan of Bensa Chiropractic and Wellness and try cupping therapy in Bradenton, FL.

What Can I Expect from a Cupping Therapy Session?

Given that cupping therapy involves your skin getting pulled using the force of suction, you might have assumed this treatment method is painful. You’ll be glad to know that’s not the case. Cupping therapy is designed to be painless. It may feel weird initially, but you’ll be able to settle in and relax once treatment gets underway.

Following treatment, you will find noticeable marks where the blood vessels opened up. Those marks don’t warrant concern. Although they appear unusual, they do not cause any discomfort. You’ll be able to lie down with no issue.

The cupping marks should also disappear about a week or so after treatment.

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