Auto Injury

Dr. Nicole Santana Rodriguez and Dr. José Lorenzo of Bensa Chiropractic in Bradenton, FL, want to make getting the care you need after a car accident as simple for you as possible. You have enough on your plate after an accident without having to worry about the nuisance of pain, discomfort, and possibly limited mobility in a body part. Let an auto injury chiropractor help!

What We Treat  

You may experience generalized back pain after an accident. Sometimes, you may suffer from a sprain. In some cases, the root of the problem is a herniated disc. Neck injuries are also common, particularly whiplash - a particular kind of injury in which the head snaps back and forth. You could sustain another musculoskeletal injury as well. These are all problems our Bradenton, FL, auto injury chiropractor may help with. 

How We Assist

The treatment our practitioner provides depends on your particular issue. For instance, if you have whiplash, our chiropractor may provide chiropractic adjustments for your neck. This can facilitate healing, improve nerve function, reduce your pain, and promote circulation to aid in the healing process. Exercise therapy is another option, which consists of our practitioner guiding you through exercises to increase your range of motion and encourage circulation to the area. All treatments work your neck slowly and gradually increase in difficulty as you heal. In some cases, your treatment may include cryotherapy - a treatment particularly geared toward nerve-related injuries. 

When to See Us 

We advise our patients to visit us immediately after an auto accident, whether they have symptoms or not. Not all injuries will initially cause symptoms. It sometimes takes a few days for them to manifest. However, with early intervention, we may be able to spare you from some of your pain and discomfort. Early intervention often leads to the best prognosis. 

If you don't visit us right away, you should contact us if you have persistent pain, weakness, or numbness in your neck, back, arms, or legs. This is especially the case if the symptoms are worsening or aren't getting better. You should also contact us if you have headaches, a limited range of motion, or any other symptoms that could stem from an injury. 

Dr. Santana Rodriguez and Dr. Lorenzo advise you to schedule a visit as soon as you can after a car accident. We can intervene early and start the healing process as early as possible. An auto injury chiropractor from Bensa Chiropractic, serving Bradenton, FL, and the nearby region, can get your recovery off to the right start. 

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