Patient Testimonials


    I was sent here when I had a car accident. I haven't been to chiropractors before, but I've gone with others and know what goes on.
    I was always skeptical, but after being treated for 6 months for issues from my car accident, I'm a believer!
    The staff was fantastic, and I always felt as if I was family going in there. Never felt weird or uncomfortable. They happily answered and explained all treatments they were performing.
    Would go again if I ever have any future issues!

    xdeadmeatx - Google

    Just go there for your chiropractic needs! You will not be disappointed.
    I’m always welcomed with a smile, they get to know you, and I appreciate their approach to care. There is no one path for all. They listen to you, check you over for any concern, and only correct what is needed. What more could you ask for?
    This is a great team that are able to help you with your chiropractic needs without pressuring you for more services. Once you go in and get to know them, you’ll be happy you did.

    Sam Fernandez - Google

    Best chiropractic care around!! I’ve been to many chiropractors over the years and have eventually left due to lack of any benefit. Dr. Jose was the only one that has helped me with my chronic back and neck pain and has relieved me of my daily headaches. Don’t waste your time anywhere else. This is the best place for chiropractic care!! And, as a bonus, Dr. Jose and Dr. Nicole are the nicest people you’ll meet 😊

    Shawna Fernandez - Google


    As a Family Medicine & Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner, I have high standards for the type of medical care that myself and my family receive. Dr. Jose Benejan lived up to the recommendation I was given by another hospital colleague. I am already feeling better after just 2 treatments, and this is after failing spinal injections. Dr. Jose was very thorough with my medical and surgical intake history, took the time to listen to my specific concerns, and set clear and reasonable expectations regarding my course of treatment. You could tell that he genuinely cared about me as a patient which is very rare in today's corporate medicine market. I am grateful to have found a skilled chiropractor, someone I can trust for myself and my family.

    Cory Lucas - Google

    This is by far the best chiropractor in Bradenton. As a chiropractor I need to get adjusted. Dr. Jose and Dr. Nicole were very knowledgeable and informative. They are also very kind and bilingual which is a plus in this area. My health has been improving since I’ve been getting treatment at Bensa Chiropractor. If you are looking for quality care, great costumer service, I highly recommend Bensa Chiropractic and Wellness.

    Spine Well Chiropractic - Google

    This place is the best in the area hands down! Both Dr. Jose and Dr. Nicole are super passionate individuals who really care to give the best treatment possible to the patients. Everything is explained in detailed but in simple terms, the office is very accesible, the adjustments were a 10/10. Can't wait to go back and continue my care. Thank you Bensa!!!

    Manuel Rivera - Google

    Highly Recommended Chiropractors. The Bensa Team is special. I was having severe neck and shoulder issues leading to constant headaches. The doctors made me comfortable right away; they really listened to me. After five sessions over three weeks and prescribed exercises; I am no longer having headaches. My head is clear and I am feeling better than I have for several months. The doctors are professional, cordial and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. I look forward to my sessions with them. I highly recommend Bensa for your Chiropractor needs.

    Gary Greene - Google

    Dr Jose and Dr. Nicole where very knowledgeable, professional and inviting. A very relaxing atmosphere. Where able to take me last minute to help me with my lower back pain and sciatica. In only a few days they where able to improve on my situation. Would highly recommend to anyone!

    Tony Rivera - Google

    Nicole is amazing! She's helped me with so much pain that I've just been living with for the longest time. I've been to many chiropractors, but Nicole is the only one to make a difference for me. I'll never go to anyone else! :)

    Stephanie Strouse - Google

    I have trusted chiropractic for years. While traveling to Florida my neck decided to get stiff. This affected my back and hips as well. I called the insurance company since I was away from home and they gave me a big huge list to call that accepted my insurance. I started the big task of calling chiropractors in the area. After about 20 phone calls I reached Bensa Chiropractic and Wellness. Dr. Santana answered the phone on the third ring. After explaining my situation, she absolutely said she wanted to help. She scheduled me for the next day. I went in and after she understood my pain she began to adjust me. I received immediate relief for my neck, back and hips. And I mean immediate. It’s been 4 days and I still have complete relief. I am so happy Dr Santana was available to help me.
    Why do I love Bensa Chiropractic and Wellness?
    #1. They were very interested in helping me.
    #2. They were able to see me quickly.
    #3. Of course they have to ask who your insurance company is, but that was not her first question.
    #4. They did an amazing job of questioning and understanding exactly what I needed.
    #5. They really made me feel comfortable letting them treat me.

    Connie Bays - Google


    I have been to so many different chiropractors over the years and I can confidently say that Bensa Chiropractic are amongst the best. My husband and son are both patients.

    Tracey Mittens - Google

    Highly recommend! I started seeing Dr. Santana because of issues with my neck, and she has made me feel so much better!
    I've had such a good experience, very professional, knowledgeable and passionate about making people feel better. I'm so happy to have her , you will be too!

    Julie Traub - Google

    Both Doctors are fantastic! They were able to get me right in for evaluation and adjustment. Set up a treatment plan with home exercises (that I am still terrible at doing) and am now down to monthly maintenance. I am never pushed into doing anything that makes me uncomfortable and always asked how something new felt to see if it was too much. If you don't have insurance or your insurance won't pay anymore, they have something for that as well. I love going to my appointments! Would recommend to anyone that asks if I know of a good Chiropractor!

    Eleanor Zetty - Google

    I am currently a patient here and I love it !!!! I have had more than 6 surgeries and I was in constant pain. This is about my 5th visit and I can already feel improvement. My Physical Therapist is very happy with the work that they are doing on me here. Besides the quality of knowledge, the staff is very nice and have great customer service. I highly recommend Bensa for anyone looking for a Chiropractor, you won't regret it.

    Vero - Google

    The Bensa team is awesome!! These guys make my family feel like their family. Both my wife and I have had some neck & shoulder issues and they have helped tremendously! We def recommend them if you need a good team that doesn’t always just crack your neck and say good by, then Bensa is a a great choice!

    Wayne Parrish - Google


    The doctors were some of the most friendly and welcoming people I have ever met, even going out of their way to help me outside of the business. My body has never felt better! Would highly recommend.

    Presley Rivera - Google


    Thorough treatment including some physical therapy work and stretching. Overall great experience!

    Dillon DiCola - Google


    Highly recommended chiropractors. Owned and operated by husband and wife with great customer service. I injured my back and they took me in the same day. They also accept most insurances and all I had to pay was my copay.

    Albert Madruga - Google


    Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr Jose made accommodations to meet me on a Saturday when their office was closed bc I was in so much pain. Needless to say, I’m no longer in pain.

    Adam Gross - Google


    Very personable and professional! Gorgeous office and super clean. They run on time and have great availability.

    DonnaMarie Jackson - Google


    Great practice! They are very friendly and know how to take care of you! I’m so lucky I found them! I definitely recommend them for chiropractic care. 😃

    Tuckerfluffy Nug - Google


    Excellence service and customer service after going in with a back issue I could hardly move I felt the difference immediately they take physical wellness to a different level. Thank you Jose and your staff for everything you did

    Herbert Granados - Google


    They helped me now my wife is going there , will highly recommend thanks

    Magaly Comer - Google


    Excellent service. I always feel a lot better after I get an adjustment. Great Chiropractic!

    Court F - Google


    Dr. Rodriguez is knowledgeable, patient and works really well with my two teenage girls. I appreciate her expertise and feel she is doing everything she can to help them! Thank you, Dr. Rodriguez!

    Crystal L. - Google


    I have been so lucky and appreciative to have the support of Benso Chiropractic. They have been available immediately (even on Sundays) and very professionnal. I would highly recommend their services.

    Emmanuelle Collet - Google


    Great chiropractors!! Treatment has really improved my back condition. I will definitely continue to visit them.

    Myrna Rodriguez - Google


    Very good all around. Incredibly nice people always happy and read to talk with you as well as provide the best plan for you. Love the cupping they do. Recommend the cupping it’s great.

    Nico Hadad - Google


    Excellent service! Very professional and knowledgeable. I’ve seen great improvement after my first appointment - definitely coming back!

    Jeanna Ortiz - Google


    I got the best adjustment. The doctor is great and the service was excellent! Recommend !!

    Adriana Medero - Google


    Excellent Drs. Treatment has help me greatly. I will definately continue to visit them.

    Jorge Santana - Google


    Amazing service very professional.. I am very pleased with the service provided by Nicole, I would definitely recommend.

    Jose Hernandez - Google


    The Doctor was so kind and professional! 10/10 Definitely will be coming back!

    Kassandra Garcia - Google


    Great Chiropractors & excellent service ALWAYS! Highly recommended!!!!

    Ericka Pagan - Google


    Excellent doctors, always professional! I highly recommend!!!!

    David Koch - Google


    Wonderful place. Straightened out my back after 2 visits. Great people.

    Robert Lubrano - Google


    It was very helpful for me to attend this clinic apart from the fact that the people who attend you are very kind. I recommend them.

    Jose Cervantes - Google

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